Our cow herd has been a work in progress for over 40 years. Cattle are kept on the basis of fertility, soundness of feet, legs and udder, mothering ability, longevity and most importantly...performance.

The fact...weight pays in the fall. We're not talking tall, framey, slick-haired, long-headed calves...we're talking consistent groups of stout, moderate calves with a ton of hair and a bunch of guts that push the scale down.

We have worked on combining these traits in our cow herd and matching them with some of the best bulls we can raise or find anywhere. The fruits of our labour are reflected in the consistency of our cow herd. We can't afford to keep unproductive, hard doing, inefficient cows in our herd. We need cows that can hold their own on air and snow balls, breed back quickly, and bring in a handsome package in the fall. Our cow herd is probably one of the most consistent herds you will ever come across. They have been a work in progress for almost forty years.

We don't choose our herd sires because they are polled. We don't choose them because they are horned. We choose them for what they will add to our cowherd and the beef industry. We NEVER buy a bull before seeing his mother. We look for grandmothers, half sisters and other progeny... anything that will give us a complete picture of what we are adding to our herd.

We don't gamble with our cows and we don't expect you to. Our cows are available for inspection sale day or any other time. These are pictures of the cows in our herd. These cows range in age from two years to ten years old (at the time of picturing). These cows aren't kept because they are pretty, favorites or to make numbers... they are kept because they are sound, efficient and the cornerstones of our operation.

Fortunately we don't have a "best" cow. We have many "best" cow families. In our opinion, there is no better way for adding predictability and consistency to your calves than by using genetics from a predictable and consistent cow herd.