Current Sires

ABC Latoro

We purchased ABC Latoro 263G a few years back as an outcross from Buddy Cobb in Montana. What can be said about him...he is STOUT! He has awesome feet, big testicles and a good disposition. We were surprised and pleased to see that the calves are very early to mature.  Look for his sons... they are hard to miss! The Latoro daughters are very, very powerful cows! Not knowing what a total outcross will bring to the table, we held our breath for the first couple years to know we made the right choice in using him. Turns out we haven’t been using him enough...we simply do not have enough daughters yet! The Latoro daughters are beautiful mothers with exceptional mothering ability yet nice to have around the barn. They are nice uddered cows with a lot of hair and even more volume These are very roomy cows. Find our highest performing calves and you’re very likely to see Latoro somewhere in the pedigree. VIEW PEDIGREE

Sparrows Alliance

His daughters are absolutely faultless in udder type and even the youngest of cows can compete with the heaviest weaning weights of the mature cowherd. Sparrows Alliance has changed the landscape in the Charolais industry. His bloodline has land marked many herds across North America making him one of the most popular sires in the 21st century. VIEW PEDIGREE


Alcatraz is probably the herdsire that best reflects the last 15 years of the A. Sparrow Farms breeding program. A Latoro X Matador X Northern Light X Ramrod X old Henri breeding (full French) bred up from one of the oldest cow families on the farm. We have used Alcatraz both on heifers and cows alike with very good success. VIEW PEDIGREE


In 2002 we sold Eldorado in our spring bull sale to Horseshoe E. Struggling to find a heifer bull that would produce herd bulls and great females we decided to AI to Eldorado. Calving ease plus thickness made him one of our best bull we ever AI’ed our heifers to. The bulls and females are all keepers and our heifers calve, get up and rebreed the next year. Not many heifer bulls can do this and raise a top bull for your bull pen. VIEW PEDIGREE


Turning into a legend, Lanza started off as bull that we purchased to clean up on our cowherd. He became one of our top herdsires. We purchased him in 2008 from WinnMan Charolais. Later, we sold an interest of him to Lindskov-Thiel Ranch in South Dakota. We have used him as our main heifer bull for the last four years. You'll note in this sale offering that the Lanza progeny offer a lot of performance! There's not too many bulls that can offer calving ease and performance! Top that off with thick, curly hair, large scrotal and sound feet. The Lanza's have a lot to offer! To date, we are very pleased with the Lanza daughters and they continue to impress us in the mothering department! VIEW PEDIGREE


Birmingham has been walking our pastures since 2009, and has never failed to impress us. As a Latoro son, gives us everything his father did: good footed, curly-haired, high performing bulls. Birmingham also completes the package with calving ease and moderate birth weights. Birmingham is hard to miss in pasture! He is the thick, rugged, easy doing bull; he never has a bad day! VIEW PEDIGREE


Thick curly hair, wide topped, rugged, an outcross pedigree and a gorgeous mother; his name was Skaggs and we had to have him! In 2011 we bought Skaggs from WinnMan Charolais, and we have never looked back. His sons are high performing bulls with excellent muscle shape and good temperaments . . . What more could you ask for? VIEW PEDIGREE


When we found Latoro in the Montana mountains over eleven years ago, he became one of our best herd bulls that has ever walked our pastures. After he passed away, we decided to look for another "Latoro" and new genetics. We found Nuevo. Nuevo came from Cobb's 2008 spring bull sale; his mom, at the age of twelve was still in production. Nuevo gives bull calves a thick, curly coat, large testical size, and high performance. VIEW PEDIGREE

Big Bang

Big Bang, the name says it all! We found Big Bang down in Utah and after seeing his dam, a Madrid daughter with a beautiful udder and studying his pedigree, we decided we needed him. His sons are bulls with low birth weights, great temperaments and impressive muscle shape. Big Bang can offer you something else that is hard to come by; outcross genetics! His genetics cannot be found in Canada, even more reason for your purchase to be a Big Bang! VIEW PEDIGREE