CK Sparrow Farms Ltd. encompasses 10,000 acres. The continuous cropping of 6000 acres is made up of peas, canola, wheat, and barley. We also have 1500 acres of alfalfa that is used for custom silage and baling.

The pasture land is made up of three main blocks. Two blocks of land are located within a few miles of the main yard and is home to the purebred cows, bred heifers and the bulls. The cows graze on a mixture of tame grasses and alfalfa from mid-April (weather & grass permitting) until late November at which time, they are switched onto oat swath grazing until they are ready to come home for calving. The calves are weaned on average around early to mid September depending on the grass quality. The bull calves are weaned at pasture and left on grass. They are brought home around the first part of October and started on feed. The heifers are taken off the cows and brought home directly.

The commercial cows graze at the third block of land which is made up of 10 quarters of land located 20 miles west of the main yard in the Kinley district. Water is provided by the Eagle Creek that runs through the center of the block.

The cows are hauled there in April and remain there until November. The calves are weaned in late September and are sent immediately to auction.