Welcome to CK Sparrow Farms. Our farm consists of a purebred charolais herd, commercial cow herd, grain farm, and custom silaging operation. We have been in the purebred business since the late 60's, and one of the first charolais importers into Canada. The farm originally consisted of three brothers and their families, which managed and opperated A. Sparrow Farms.  In 2017, Cam, Kerrie and family took over the operation and now run under the CK Sparrow Farms name.

The Farm was started by Allan Sparrow and his wife Nancy in 1958. The 'A' in A. Sparrow Farms came from our dads innitial. Our father was passionate about farming and needed faster gaining cattle to help him meet financial needs. Thats where the charolais cattle came to be.

Were dedicated to producing the highest quality and most consistant cattle we can achieve. We spend many hours selecting genetics and is something we take pride in. We strive for easy doing, feed efficient cattle; with mothers with correct udder placement and feet. When selecting our herd bulls we never 'settle' for just alright, we always look for the best. We choose herd bulls with performance and sires that can give us a high gaining progeny.

We believe we are today's solution for tomorrow's genetics.


A. Sparrow Farms Ltd.
Box 504,
Vanscoy, Saskatchewan
S0L 3J0, Canada
Tel: 306-668-4218
Email: info@asparrowfarms.com